Digital media literacy for youth employment
and social realisation

Best Education For Design

The project “Digital media literacy for youth employment and social realisation” (YDML)
aims at providing meaningful support to youth workers who engage in developing young
people’s skills and competences in the field of Digital Media Literacy (DML).

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The mastery of navigation and advancement through the ocean of various digital tools, content and choices, is recognised as a substantial challenge for the contemporary youth in terms of citizenship and employment. While digital technology can enable young people to seek and share information, and to connect with others, it can also create risks to their safety, privacy and well-being. Inquiries show that young people have fewer skills for managing digital technologies than are generally credited to them. Most often they are passive consumers of content and just a small number report to engage in activities, supporting their education or in content-creation.

Watch the video from the first YDML mobility in South Africa (March 2020)