Prague hosts the second training in DML

  • 13.06.2022 - 09:30
  • Prague, Czech Republic

Training experts from the 5 project partner countries joined their enthusiasm and inspirational force in the second YDML international training mobility that took place in Prague, Czech Republic, between 13th and 17th of June 2022. 

The sessions were held in the Smichovska stredni prumyslova shkola a gymnazium (SSPS) which specialises in Information technologies, cybersecurity, robotics, internet of things, multimedia, and other modern disciplines. 

The aim of the training was to provide the trainers the opportunity to test different learning scenarios in the field of digital media literacy with young people. For this to happen several parallel workshops were held with SSPS’s students. The Bulgarian trainer Svetolsava Shishinyova acquainted the students with what happens to privacy while playing online games and how to find reliable sources of information and give credit to them while creating a travel guide. The Italian trainer Stefano Commi from AFP Patronato San Vincenzo conducted an engaging session that demonstrated how stereotypes influence our representation of reality in the topic of fact checking. Themba Skosana, Marinus van Wyk and Nontokozo Thango from South Africa presented dynamic and thoughtful sessions on how technologies affect human interaction and how social media influences mental health. The Slovenian trainers Sabina Belc, Neja Tekavec, Kaja Koražija and Sara Rožman Atelšek from Socialna Academija had a different approach with using less technologies while engaging students in discussions and team work on the topics of echo chambers and the power of social media in politics. The Czech trainer Lukas Vrba introduced the topic of the internet of things.

The feedback from the students was quite positive – they learnt new things and would like to have more workshops like these in their school curriculum. They enjoyed interacting informally with the trainers and discussing topics which are not normally introduced in their regular classes.

Except for the high-quality education students receive at the Smichov technological high school, another reason for their choice of school is the possibility to be an active part of the school operations. Three studentguide showed different labs and departments. The guests saw the VR lab, makerspace, cyber security lab, media house, and an amazing start-up center with workshops and coworking space where students together with professionals can work on different projects. 

The  project partners’ meeting drew the perspective of the project and initiated the preparation for the upcoming third and last mobility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in September.


  • Start Date:13.06.2022
  • Start Time:09:30
  • End Date:17.06.2022
  • End Time:18:30
  • Location:Prague, Czech Republic